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5 Bad Habits That Lead to Unwanted Sewer Issues and Make Your Life Miserable

Sewer Issues

The main reason for sewer issues is improper practices and behaviors. Neglecting proper practices, and failing to adhere to recommended guidelines can lead to significant damage to your plumbing system. A blockage or damage in the public sewer line can make things chaotic. Therefore, following the proper guidelines can protect your sewer lines.

Bad habits that lead to unwanted sewer issues:

Making the Toilet a Trash Can

Many people dump cooking grease, toilet paper, diapers, menstrual products, and even garbage into closets. In addition, coffee grounds, hair, and debris can lead to obstructions inside the sewer pipe. This bad habit clogs sewer pipes to cause damage. Any blockage in the sewer pipes can become a plumbing nightmare.

Neglecting the Presence of Tree Roots Near Pipes

Don’t ignore the presence of tree roots near pipes. The fertilizer in the wastewater attracts tree roots. Over time, trees grow around your pipes to absorb the nutrients. As a result, cracks may be formed to crush or fill your sewer line. Check the roots of your trees and neighbors’ trees in and around your yard when you experience sewer issues.

Disturbing Buried Sewer Lines

Generally speaking, water lines are placed at least two feet beneath the soil surface. However, the depth can be a little lesser in many places. When you build a fence, plant a tree, or dig your backyard for gardening, you may end up disturbing sewer pipes.

Don’t breach these lines to invite frustrating plumbing issues like flooding and erosion. Sometimes, this mistake can make public sewers back up into your home. Contact the utility location service before digging your yard.

Not Conducting Annual Maintenance Inspections

It is necessary to conduct annual maintenance inspections. Professional help is inevitable to perform this task. Why? You may not be able to notice hidden sewer issues with your naked eyes. Expert plumbing technicians use advanced technology and tools to identify problems anywhere in your sewer line.

Unattended minor problems will get worse over time. They can give you a nightmare. Professional maintenance inspection helps you detect existing sewer issues and potential problems. Repair works can be done on time to avoid critical future complications. Thereby, you can optimize the functionality of the sewerage system.

Using Chemical Cleaners Excessively

Many people use chemical cleaners to unclog sewer lines. However, products containing dangerous chemicals eat away at your pipes. That is why plumbing experts advise their customers not to overuse chemicals. Avoid this bad habit to prevent unwanted sewer issues. You can use non-toxic drain cleaners to remove minor blockages.

Since sewer is out of sight, many people undermine its importance. They think about it when a problem occurs. Are you one of them? Don’t make this mistake. Remember that a sewer is one of the central elements of your plumbing system. Sewer issues can make your life highly miserable.

Avoid all bad habits to keep your sewerage system functional. With proper care and maintenance, you can avoid unwanted problems. It is essential to check the fixtures and lines once a year to detect minor issues early to prevent expensive repair work in the future. Whenever you notice a problem, hire a trusted local plumbing service to solve it immediately.