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What Is The Right Time To Replace Water Heater?

Replace water heater

People use heaters to get hot water for various activities like laundry, bathing, and dishwashing. However, it has a limited life also, like any other household appliance. Even, sometimes you have to replace it. So, what is the exact time to replace the water heater in your house? In this blog, all doubts will be clear. Read on!

  • Age of your heater :

Age is the most valuable factor you need to consider for your heater. In most cases, a water heart has minimum 8 to 11 years life span. So, if your heater has more age than that, you can think about its replacement. 

Do you know that your water heater is working well does not mean proper work always? Yes, it is. Even if you see that your older water heater work properly, you have to know that they are less energy effective. Moreover, the older heater can be a cause of uncertain safety hazards. 

  • Rusty water

If you notice that rusting water is coming out from the heater, that means your heater is rusting inside. Rusting water is a clear sign that the life of your heater becomes less. So, it is a hint to replace the water heater soon. It is because rusty water also has several health hazards and presents harmful bacteria. 

  • Leakage of water heater 

If you are facing any leakage water issue from your water heater, it is a big sign of its replacement. Various reasons can be working behind these issues like a faulty valve, a crack in the tank, corrosion, and others. So, a leakage heater is a potential issue that needs to notice. 

  • Unfamiliar noises

If you look that the water heater making different noises like popping or banging sounds, it can be a sign of a problem. Moreover, the noise can cause overheating that brings cracks. So, it is the right time to call a professional to replace the water heater.   

  • Increasing electric bill

If you are experiencing a high electric bill, that can be a symptom of your dysfunctional water heater. An old water heater becomes less efficient and needs more energy to work. So, if you notice an increasing energy bill, it is time to bring an efficient one. 

  • Replace water heater

Knowing the time to replace the water heater is essential for the comfort and safety of your house. So, if you see any of the mentioned indications, call a professional like Caliber Plumbing to inspect it. So, don’t wait for the end, replace your old heater soon!