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Unmasking the Factors of Toilet Blockage and Effective Methods to Unclog Toilet

Unclog toilet

What makes your toilet clogged? Several possibilities contribute to clogging a toilet. It is one of the most frequently used plumbing fixtures in your home. Quick fixing is unavoidable to bring back the convenience. How to unclog the toilet? Let us explore the reasons for clogging and learn how to unclog it to restore optimal functionality.

Sewer Line Issues

The main sewer line is the central hub, which all drain pipes in your household are linked up to. Subsequently, it is connected to your septic system or community sewer system. When something gets trapped in the main sewer line, blockages are formed to cause clogging. Moreover, corrosion, debris, and infiltration can lead to toilet clogging.

Solution: Identifying the underlying reason is the first part of the solution. If you don’t have the expertise, don’t attempt to address sewer line issues. Professional help is the best option available. So, hire a trusted drain cleaning service to receive the best guidance and support. Experienced professionals know how to deal with unclogged toilets and restore their maximum functionality.

Outdated Low-Flow Toilets

Do you have low-flow toilets at your home? Renowned for high energy efficiency, these toilets use only minimal water when flushing. However, the flushing power of these models is much less than the modern toilet versions available today. They do not generate the optimal, required pressure to consistently push material through the trap and drain. This situation often results in toilet clogging.

Solution: You can prevent clogs to a certain extent by reducing the use of toilet paper. However, it is not a permanent solution. A sure-fire method is to replace the low-flow toilet with a modern one. Get the help of a toilet repair company to replace your toilet.

Overuse of Toilet Paper

Overuse of toilet paper causes toilet clogging. Many people, especially children, often use toilet paper more than required. Some toilet papers do not dissolve fast, leading to blockages. For example, specific models of 2-ply toilet paper and a few ultra-soft varieties get stuck in the toilet or drain line.

Solution: Instead of using 8 to 9 squares of toilet paper per wipe, limit the usage to 3 to 4. This approach reduces the consumption. Further, you can teach children to use toilet paper in moderation. Another solution is to buy thicker and top-quality toilet paper to control consumption. How to unclog toilet? Use a plunger or snake to remove the clogging.

Putting Non-Flushable Objects into the Toilet

Several people flush down items like baby wipes, dental floss, cooking grease, tissues, paper towels, hair, cotton swabs, and cat litter. Don’t follow this bad habit. These foreign objects can cause stubborn blockages over time.

Solution: You can use a plunger, a toilet auger, or a snake to eliminate clogging. Other options include a combination of hot water and dish soap or baking soda and vinegar. Also, you can use chemical drain cleaners. What to do if the situation is worse? Hire a toilet repair service provider to perform a deep drain cleaning.

Blocked Toilet Vent

What is the use of a toilet vent? It brings fresh air into your plumbing system and increases the flushing pressure. A blocked toilet vent reduces pressure to cause blockage.

Solution: The blockage often occurs at the opening of the vent on the roof. So, remove the vent cap and eliminate the debris to ensure smooth airflow. Another option is to send water down through the toilet vent to clear blockages. If the issue persists, you can call a toilet repair service to get the job done.

How to Unclog Toilet?

Seek professional help if you want a permanent solution. With the help of the most advanced tools and technology, accomplished professionals will identify underlying issues and solve them efficiently to deliver excellent results.