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5 Hints That You Need Water Heater Maintenance

water heater maintenance

The water heater is one of the most essential yet underappreciated utilities in a home. Therefore, having a water heater maintenance checklist in place is crucial. To ensure its longevity and save yourself from an unexpected incident.

Water heaters are susceptible to a wide range of issues. Scale accumulation is a condition that frequently worsens with time. This article will assist you in identifying the warning indications that your water heater may require repair.

5 Signs That Indicate a Water Heater Maintenance

When cold water starts pouring out of taps, many homeowners don’t realize that their water heaters are worsening. Your water heater may require repair if it exhibits these warning signs.

Noise comes from the heater

The loud gurgles, bangs, cracks, snaps, and whining sounds that your water heater may generate are all alarming.

The most typical cause of water heater noises is a buildup of scale that burns off within the heater.

More than an issue with scale buildup, a sizzling sound may indicate a problem with water flow.


This one is apparent. But that will be the case once you visually examine your water heater. This is something that most homeowners put off until the hot water runs out. In the event of a leak, a tiny amount of water often drips down the water heater. Until enough harm has been done making the damage invisible.

As a result, you must regularly get your water heater tested. Your home may sustain damage from hot water. Because of this, you should use water heater repair services as soon as you notice a small leak.

Discolored water

It should go without saying that only clear, colorless water should flow from your faucet. High pressure can make it appear cloudy at times, but if it is balanced, it should become colorless.

It’s time to water heater maintenance if you discover that the water flowing out of your faucets is brownish, rusty, or contains some tiny black particles.

Strange Odour

The water coming from your faucets might be murky and smell off. This indicates that your water heater needs to be repaired to avoid additional harm.

Additionally, water with an odd smell might indicate that a bacterial infection is growing inside the tank. The water might be dangerous to use. Thus, this requires professional repair right now.

Reduction in hot water pressure

The mineral buildup may further harm your water heater by lowering the pressure of the hot water. Pipes may get clogged due to buildup in the water heater’s heating elements.

As a result, there is a drop in the pressure of the water flowing from the water heater. Another consequence of an aged water heater is decreased water pressure. Get your water heater fixed if you want your water pressure to start increasing again.


Water heaters need frequent maintenance to ensure good performance. Therefore, even if your water heater is working well, it is time to have it examined again if it has been more than a year since the last time. It’s best to catch a problem early on before any irreparable and expensive harm.